Saturday, 17 October 2015

In search of Shrikhande family roots: A trip to a remote village in Goa

One of the most enduring memories of my childhood is the story behind our family name: Shrikhande. I was told that the Shrikhande family tree had roots in Korgaon, a small village near Mapusa, North Goa. Our ancestor was a priest in the temple of Shri Kamleshwar Maharudra. It is said that this priest led the protest against proselytisation by Christian missionaries under Portuguese occupation and was beheaded for his resistance. His family took refuge in Kolhapur/Satara and subsequently the title of Shrikhande was conferred on them (Shrikhande = Shir + Khande = the beheaded).

We had an opportunity to visit the temple and site where the beheading had supposedly taken place and it is my pleasure to share the pictures from that visit (29 March 2013).

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